For more than 17 years, Dianna Wong Architecture + Interior Design has been exploring and developing its expertise in the luxury lifestyle business. With a high level of commitment, our exceptional team of designers, artists and architects applies our trademark approach to an eclectic blend of projects, from 5 star hotels to casinos, from branding to product design.

Every project begins with a rigorous conceptual phase, where all previously held assumptions are deconstructed, examined and evaluated. Collaborative problem solving, iterative editing and integration are at the core of the firm's process. Each team member contributes his or her originality to create elements that are very personal yet universal.

Our work is not limited to a signature style. We develop a unique story to guide our design vision from the outset and to give form and context to our clients' desires and aspirations. Good design is deceptively simplistic and timeless. We care about function, cost and practicality, and about the fitness of materials and forms. More importantly, it is through a precise editorial integration of these elements that we achieve our goal: the creation of an undefinable experience that awakens our senses, evokes our memories and transforms our lives.

"All beautiful things belong to the same age."
-Oscar Wilde